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I’ll do whatever it takes to get the shot. I’m an event and portrait photographer, based in Half Moon Bay, that believes that you just have to look for the right light– in photos and in life. I can be seen shooting on location around the California Bay Area and playing on the beach by Mavericks. I do it fast, keep it fun, and absolutely work my tail off to get the real you (that’s more beautiful than you know). My work has been featured on Inc.com, The Bay Bridged, SF Bay Area Concerts, Live for Live Music, SoundcheckSF and other media outlets, as well as countless living room walls. I’m happy to work with anyone that values a strong narrative and documentary-style– we’ll get some cool stuff together.

If you have a concept for a shoot, let me work with you to make it a reality. I am especially interested in photographing kiddos anywhere, anytime, live music, celebrations and events, taking company off site and conference photos that aren’t destined for Yawnville, and working with models that have a unique look and an amazing spirit. Oh, and give me the bird, any bird.

Did I mention that investing in yourself, your enterprise and your celebrations is where it’s at?

I will help you document your joy or provide a corporate narrative that endures. I generally book four to eight weeks out but will do my best to fit your schedule. Travel? Let’s talk.

Learn more about what you can expect in child and family photo shoots or see the FAQ now. Want to see more of my recent concert and corporate work? Check out the quick takes section to get a better idea of what a documentary session looks like, be it from a concert pit or a conference table. Headshots? Info for the lovelies that rock them are here.

As a Nikon Professional Service Titanium Member I keep up-to-date on the latest Nikon advancements and am able to source the right tool for the job (in the increasingly rare case that I do not have it in my ever-growing war chest). While equipment isn’t what makes an image great, sometimes a speciality lens selected for your particular project is essential to address your goals and better tell your story. I am also enrolled in the American Photographic Artists (APA) association, which I recommend checking out as people are doing some really inspiring work there.

Finally, I just want to thank everyone that has worked with me to date. I know how lucky I am to share these moments of your life and seeing you grow over the years is an honor. I learn more from you each year and am forever in your debt.

In 2024 I am only available for select projects due to work-load. Still feel free to reach out, however, as me and my team will do our best to make your dream a reality if at all possible. Thanks for your understanding.

Photo by Cy Sorenson