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About Child and Family Photography Sessions

PINI know who I’m working for (and will be 80 years down the road). Let me tell the whole story (and provide some images here)… and give you an idea of how I plan to tell yours.

I’ve never shared this before, but I think it will help you know how I see your shoot, even before I pick up the camera. A couple of years ago I had a health scare brought on by a very well-meaning but extremely green doctor. It was one of those “you’re-probably-dropping-dead-any-minute-now” visits and it was the first time in my life that I was truly scared. Two things was immediately clear: I wanted to give my young son memories so he’s know that I was in love with him every single day and to give him a clear view of who he is, in all of his beauty and sass, as life can be baffling some times and it’s easy to lose sight.

The first part was easy- I planned for a surprise pirate visit where they’d leave behind loot, seaworthy snacks, fly a salty flag and hide other delights for him to come home from preschool and discover. The second part was harder. I always thought that I’d be there to give that hug, pep talk or to just listen and let him navigate the confusing times that are inevitably ahead. But I came to realize that I could show him his strength, his love, his joy.

We ran out and did a shoot that very day where he ran around the Enchanted Forest and we roared like dinosaurs. We drank juice boxes. We talked to trees and waited for their answer. We got back- and I finally slept for the first time in days- to see that he was there, front and center, forever. He now has proof of all he’s always been. I’ll never stop taking his photos so he can see himself grow.

I don’t cheese- saying it our shooting it. I’d rather have this be more of a raw, organic and fun experience. You won’t see me bringing a big bag of tricks or trying to gild the lily in any way. What I ask is that you let me be part of your life for the couple of hours. I want to know you guys and provide a stress-free shoot. Whatever comes our way, much like life, can be handled. With grace.

If your child has a favorite toy or an imaginary friend bring them! They are absolutely welcome and celebrated in the shoot. You can see some of the amazing little people I’ve photographed here or even check out the blog to see how their individual stories shape up.

I should also mention that I offer digital packages so you can preserve this investment in your present and future in addition to the fine art archival prints. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more info and a game plan on preserving what’s true and dear. Questions? Check out the FAQ here.

Finally, for everyone who has trusted me to date. I am humbled and forever grateful to be part of your family narrative and joy, once or multiple times. Thank you, thank you, so much. You have no idea what it means to me to see you shine.