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FAQ- What you need to know now

What type of photos do you shoot?

I am a primarily natural light portrait and event photographer based in Half Moon Bay, CA. I am present at celebrations and anywhere else that needs a complete picture of success, beauty, wonder or joy and bring a documentary style to your story.

How long is a childhood or family portrait session?

Usually sessions run one and a half hours as I like to take some time and get to know you and make this time you’re investing feel the most worthwhile for you before we start taking pictures. It’s a collaborative process– you’ll see your images as we work if interested– and I will be working with you to determine when the shoot is complete. If you want to really get wild and crazy (I love that) we can book a longer lifestyle shoot and get all the details that you might otherwise miss. This is great to do if you want to really take in a sunset or watch the little ones go about their day.

Where do you like to shoot?

On location, in your home, at a park, at a beach in Half Moon Bay, on the moon– I’m flexible but can suggest some times and venues that will show you in the best light. Corporate shoots will be done in your offices if you prefer a more standard portrait. Don’t worry- these can be arranged in off-hours.

How much for a headache should I expect?

One of the reasons people choose me is because the shoots are actually fun. Forced smiles, cranky kids, nervous headshots? No way. Plus, we’ll go in with a plan and clear objectives that I deliver on. Ordering isn’t confusing or surprisingly expensive as you know what the packages include upfront so all you need to do is pick the images and I take care of the rest. It’s fully managed. (Don’t you wish everything in life was that easy?)

Why do I get so many images in my gallery? Did you really edit all these??

In a word: Yep. It would be easier if I just picked a few for you. I can tell you what is the most technically proficient image, the interaction that I’m looking for, what hits in the solidly “All Good” camp. But then I looked at what’s on my wall. I don’t always keep to that rhetoric. Sometimes the shot isn’t exactly where I would have hit it if I hadn’t been focused on a earnestly goofy smile, the way my son’s plump little fingers wrestle his fork, and all those spaces between. I would have missed the true perfection in search of the perfect.

I know what makes a photograph good. You know what makes yours great. And I trust that, ensuring our partnership will document what counts.

Is this a hobby of yours?

I’ve founded and operated many successful businesses in the past 20 years. I know how to maintain the highest level of service while keeping the lights on. And I’m in it for the long haul. Kate Haley Photography, LLC is in good standing with the state and federal entities, keeps up on all corporate filings and maintains an appropriate level of insurance to protect you and your loved ones.

As we know, our kids will grow up. You will continue to evolve your business and career. You need a photographer that will be there, maintaining a personal relationship and a consistent, timeless style.

When should I book?

The more notice that  you can give me, the better. I have been able to pull off shoots in under 72 hours but usually I book 4-6 weeks out. I will do my best to make it happen on your schedule whenever I can.

When will I get my photos?

Photos are generally ready in a private proofing gallery two weeks after our session.

How can I order prints?

It’s easy to order. There will be links on the proofing gallery and we can also meet for coffee and walk through it in person. I try to bring sample prints so you can see what your images will look like in real life and eliminate the guess work. Better yet? I’ll leave some of these with you as a gift with the premium packages.

How do I book?

Email bookings at katehaleyphotography dot com and I send you the necessary information to schedule your session.

I look forward to working with you!