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Chris Voss on Never Splitting the Difference


Chris Voss

Many years ago I made a switch from poetry to pixels. Working as a creative writer was hugely rewarding but readership is nothing compared to viewership in terms of efficacy. I wanted a dialog, not a missive.  DSLR cameras were getting increasingly more promising and the possibilities for a new, rapid-fire lexicon that they brought was exciting. I needed to get that one photo out there that makes an impact in someone’s life. Just one. And the eyes seemed to be a better conduit to the heart.

I was thinking about that when editing the Chris Voss images. Chris Voss, the FBI’s lead international kidnapping negotiator  from 2003 to 2007, in a most humorous antidote, offered up that as a hostage negotiator he knew that he had one shot to get it right when on his book tour in California.

Wait. One shot. What if we all do, in any aspect of the day-to-day or supposed grand design, and we have to hone that for maximum impact?

Permanence is a funny thing and language of intent, as well as chance, comes regardless of being consciously planned or not. Moving to photographs made me more keenly aware that I had one shot to say what I thought needed to be said. Even when I didn’t understand what that was in its entirety. And that was enough.

Here are some photos of Chris Voss, discussing his new book, Never Split the Difference, with Watermark at Pivotal Software. While I hardly kept it to one image, I think the cohesive message of negotiation and empathy that he offers in a single book provides the elegant answer that we need to be our best (so one of us got it right). Use that shot and be sure to check it out.

Thanks, Watermark, for making this all happen. As always, your programming inspires and I couldn’t imagine a more welcoming group of highly talented women. If you are not familiar with the work that Watermark does, please see www.wearewatermark.org.  I hope to see you at a future event.

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