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Guys and Dolls for the Shortie Set

I can’t shake the feeling that now, more than ever, the arts are vital. Frankly, all hell is breaking loose from weather, politics and basic deconstruction of faith in whatever compasses we relied on for kindness and unity. Sometimes we need something to take us out of our antics and I have always believed that our truths can best play out in fiction.

And graditude, like I felt when I saw a local theater utterly rock their production of Guys and Dolls Junior. In three short weeks they took a group of rag-tag little ones straight to awesome town. I have a bit of a background in theater and I’ve never seen a company pull off that fast of a tranformation. There were seven year olds telling us to sit down we’re rocking the boat, and “youse” was deployed with such precision that it would have done the most diehard New Yorker proud.

What’s next? We need to rely on more than Lady Luck and support these voices. Learn more about your local theater and how you can make it accessible to all of our youth. The Spindrift School of Performing Arts (SSPA) is the gold standard of what is possible. They are a 501c that offers affordable camps, a multitude of classes, and scholarships and is currently collecting donations to make their campus even better. Check them out today and remember that we all have a child in our life. Listen to their stories as they are quite capable of telling a happier one for us all.